Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is one of the most prestigious options for those seeking a premium credit card. With a range of benefits primarily aimed at those wanting a highly enhanced shopping experience, this card stands out in the market. If you want to improve your finances with an exceptional payment method, keep reading!

Chase Sapphire Reserve – Benefits

PURCHASE PROTECTION AND EXTENDED WARRANTY: Purchases made with the card are covered against damage or theft for 120 days, up to $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per year. Additionally, the manufacturer’s warranty is extended by an additional year for eligible items with original warranties of three years or less.

BONUS POINTS: By becoming a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card customer, you can earn 75,000 bonus points by spending $4,000 on purchases within the first three months of opening your account.

ANNUAL TRAVEL CREDIT: Users automatically receive up to $300 in travel credits per account anniversary year, which can be applied to various travel expenses like airfare, hotels, and car rentals.

Chase Sapphire Reserve – Fees and commissions

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card has an annual fee of $550, which may seem high, but the benefits often offset this cost for frequent users of this payment method.

In addition to the annual fee, there is a $75 fee per authorized user. However, the card does not charge foreign transaction fees, which is a great advantage for international travelers.

Interest rates range between 22.49% and 29.49% variable APR. If the customer makes a late payment, the bank charges $40, so it is important to pay attention to payment deadlines to avoid this fee.

Chase Sapphire Reserve – Card limit

The credit limit of the Chase Sapphire Reserve varies according to the individual credit analysis of the customer, including factors such as income and credit history, which are always considered when establishing a fair limit for each profile.

Generally, holders need to have a very good to excellent credit score to be approved, as this gives the financial institution more security in granting credit.

Additionally, Chase’s 5/24 policy, which limits the approval of new cards to those who have opened five or more credit accounts in the past 24 months, also applies and is important to note.

Positive points

    High points rate on travel and dining expenses.
    VIP lounge access and travel credits.
    Includes travel insurance and purchase protection.

Negative points

    May be high for some credit profiles after the introductory period.
    Need for a very good to excellent credit score.
    $75 per authorized user.

How to apply for Chase Sapphire Reserve

  1. Visit the official Chase Bank website;
  2. Go to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card page and click the application button;
  3. Start filling out the form with your financial and personal information;
  4. The process may be faster if you are already a bank customer;
  5. After submitting all the data and documents, submit the application;
  6. If approved, the card will be issued and delivered to you.
You will be redirected to the card website

How to contact Chase

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is a premium card that offers exceptional benefits to its customers. Despite the high annual fee, the benefits and protections offered can justify the cost for many users. If you have any questions about this payment method, contact the bank:

  • Phone: 1 800 935 9935
  • Online: Visit the official Chase website and go to the customer service section. Branches:
  • Visit a Chase physical branch for personalized service