Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards Credit Card

Looking for a credit card that maximizes your rewards on every purchase? The Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards might be the perfect solution for your financial needs. Next, you can learn about its benefits, fees, and how to apply for this credit card that promises to offer more returns in your daily life. Check it out!

Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards – Benefits

ADDITIONAL REWARDS WITH PREFERRED REWARDS: If you are a member of the Bank of America Preferred Rewards program, you can earn between 25% to 75% more in rewards, significantly increasing the return on every purchase.

VERSATILITY IN REWARDS: Cash rewards can be easily redeemed as statement credits, deposits into eligible Bank of America or Merrill accounts, and even used to pay for future purchases.

COMPETITIVE INTRODUCTORY OFFERS: The card offers a 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 billing cycles, providing an economical way to manage your short-term finances.

Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards – Fees and commissions

The Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards stands out for its competitive fees and commission structure. The card has no annual fee, which is a significant benefit for those looking to maximize their rewards without additional costs.

The APR ranges from 19.24% to 29.24% after the 15-month introductory period with 0% APR. Balance transfers made in the first 60 days also benefit from the 0% APR but are subject to an initial fee of 3%, which then increases to 4%.

There is a foreign transaction fee of 3%, which should be considered by frequent travelers. Additionally, the bank applies fees whenever the client pays their bills late, so it’s essential to organize your finances to avoid such inconveniences.

Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards – Card limit

The credit limit of the Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards credit card varies according to the applicant’s credit analysis. Generally, the bank offers competitive limits suited to the customer’s financial profile.

The initial limit can be increased after a positive evaluation of the card’s usage and payment history. Bank of America also allows customers to request credit limit increases, either automatically through the bank’s system or via a formal request from the customer.

Having a good credit history and responsible card usage are factors that can contribute to a significant increase in the available credit limit.

Positive points

    Save with the absence of an annual fee, maximizing your rewards without additional costs.
    Earn cash back on all your purchases.
    0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months.

Negative points

    The 3% fee can be inconvenient for frequent travelers.
    The 3% fee in the first 60 days increases to 4% afterward, which may affect those needing to consolidate debt.
    After the introductory period, the APR can be high, depending on your credit history.

How to apply for Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards

  1. Visit the Bank of America website;
  2. Navigate to the Unlimited Cash Rewards card page;
  3. Click on “Apply Now”;
  4. Fill out the application form with your personal and financial information;
  5. Review and submit the application.
You will be redirected to the card website

How to contact Bank of America

For any questions or assistance, contact Bank of America through the official channels:

  • Phone: 1 800 732 9194
  • Branch: Visit a Bank of America branch
  • Chat: Use the chat available on the official website

The Unlimited Cash Rewards Bank of America card is an excellent choice for those who want to maximize their rewards and enjoy additional benefits without paying annual fees. If you want to improve your finances, applying for your card is the first step!