American Express Green Credit Card

Are you seeking a card that offers exceptional rewards and access to exclusive experiences? The American Express Green card is the ideal choice. With 3x points on transit purchases and 1x point on all other purchases, this card turns your daily expenses into valuable rewards. Discover all the benefits now and make the most of your everyday purchases!

American Express Green – Benefits

PURCHASE PROTECTION: Secure coverage against damages and theft for your purchases.

CONCIERGE SERVICES: Personalized assistance for bookings and events

GLOBAL ASSIST HOTLINE: Support for medical and legal emergencies while traveling.

American Express Green – Fees and commissions

The American Express Green card has an annual fee of $150, which is offset by the benefits offered, such as travel credits and a comprehensive rewards program. Interest rates vary, and the balance can be paid over time through the Pay Over Time feature, with applicable interest.

The variable APR for cash advances is 21.24% to 29.24% for eligible charges. Penalty fees can be up to $40 for late payments and returned payments. The transparency in fees and flexible payment options make this card an attractive option for many consumers.

American Express Green – Card limit

The American Express Green card offers personalized credit limits determined by individual credit analysis. This ensures suitability to your financial needs and history. 

Notably, it doesn’t have a preset spending limit, providing adaptability to daily expenses. Factors like credit history, purchase behavior, and ability to pay influence this variable limit, which can increase with positive financial conduct, offering greater flexibility in expense management.

Positive points

    Earn 3x points on transportation services such as public transit and ride-sharing, and 1x point on all other purchases, maximizing rewards on daily expenses.
    Receive credits for subscriptions to services like CLEAR® and LoungeBuddy, adding value and convenience to your daily life.
    Insurance against damages and theft on purchases, providing additional security for your acquisitions and peace of mind in your shopping endeavors.

Negative points

    Annual cost of $150.
    May be high for some credit profiles.
    Approval can be stringent for limited credit histories.

How to apply for –American Express Green

  1. Visit the official American Express website through an internet browser;
  2. On the card page, you will find numerous relevant information about it and can clear any doubts;
  3. Click “Apply Now” for the Green Card;
  4. Fill out the application form with your personal information, including name, address, annual income, and employment information;
  5. Read the card’s terms carefully and accept;
  6. Submit your application and wait for approval, which can occur in a few minutes;
  7. If approved, you will receive your card by mail in a few business days.
You will be redirected to the card website

How to contact  – American Express

 Customer service is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or needs:

  • 1 800 528 4800 – For existing account holders;
  • 1 888 297 1244 – For non-customers interested in acquiring a personal card;
  • American Express App – Contact the company via chat.